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Enjoy swimming in the natural flow of crystal clear water of the Pawala River coming from tributaries of the uninhabited Mount Guiting-Guiting.


Try kayaking in the still and clear water of the Pawala River and enjoy bonding with nature along the banks with thick vegetation and various species of birds. You can choose to paddle your way downstream about 3 kilometers along some rapids and mangroves to the sea passing the main Magdiwang River.


Hike the river banks and into the interior of the 30-hectare property to see various species of trees and plants some endemic to the island of Sibuyan. End up your hike breathing deeply, arms spread, in the view point along the grassy rolling hills with 360-degree view of the sea, nearby islands, the fields and the full façade of the Mount Guiting-Guiting, and witness the breathtaking sunset. Enjoy seeing and smelling the flowers from various plant species along the way during your walk back to your cottages.   


Bike your way to explore various destinations in the island. Find your way using the maps we will provide you. Bicycles are available for rent at Php. 300 per day.

Billiard and Dart Games

If you want to stay indoors, spend the day playing billiard and dart games in our billiard hall just beside the restaurant while sipping your drink. Or just simply indulge yourself reading books and magazines from our collections you can borrow from our restaurant.

(Free for our registered guests).

Picnic Cabanas

Made of thatch roof and bamboo benches and tables, these cottages are ideal for family picnics in the hills and on the swimming area next to the river. 

Php 400/day. (Free for registered guests).


Available for rent at Php. 600 per day.

(Fuel not included).

Car & Jeepney

Available for rent at Php. 6,500 per day.

(Fuel and driver included).

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